Q & A

  • Do I need to have a team to join tentpegging?

    No. Individuals can join up and we can help you to form teams. Often people move into different teams as the need arises. Contact your nearest State representative and they will help you out.

  • What size horse do I need?

    Currently in Australia, juniors may ride any size horse, and seniors horses must exceed 14.2hh without shoes.

  • How do I get graded?

    Riders are graded once a year. A rider must compete in 3 graded competitions. A competition must comprise of six rounds (ie: not less than 12 pegs) with at least 2 rounds of swords to be eligible for grading. The grades are A, B and C grade. Contact us for more information

  • What are the pegs made of?

    The tentpegs are generally made from corflute. They are 30cm (1ft.) long X 7.5cm (3in.) wide and between 2cm to 3cm in depth (3/4 to 1 1/4). Smaller Pegs - Inch pegs - are used in run offs. They are 5cm (2") or 2.5cm (1") wide.

  • How do you set up a tentpegging field?

    Single File- Pegs should be placed in the ground 1.5m (5ft.) distance from each peg in a single file. Abreast- Pegs should be placed at intervals of 2.5m (8ft. 2in) in an abreast form.

  • What are the lances made of?

    The Senior Lance used in competitions is generally made of aluminium or cane. Minimum length is 2.5m (8ft. 2in.) and maximum 2.75m (9ft). The tip of the lance has a steel point on the end which you engage into the peg.

  • What are the swords made of?

    The Senior Sword used in competitions is generally made of steel. Minimum blade length is 81cm (2ft. 8in.) and maximum 90cm (2ft. 11 1/2in.), with an overall length not exceeding 110cm.