What is Tentpegging?

Tentpegging is an equestrian sport based on the Military .

Teams of 4 riders gallop in unison past 4 pegs in the ground. Points are awarded for both retrieving the peg with either a sword or a lance, as well as team drill. The Australian Tentpegging Association was formed in 1981 to oversea the sport and has teams competing in Victoria, NSW, QLD and SA. More

Tentpegging challenges

  • Inground pegging
    Inground pegging involves drawing the 'peg' from the ground at a gallop with either a lance or a sword. There are inground pegging events for individual, pairs or teams of 4 riders.
  • Overheads
    Overhead events include the rings and peg or lemons and peg, where the rider gallops beneath a pair of gallows and then draws a peg.
  • Skill at Arms
    Skill at Arms involves and individual completing 3 tasks under an allowed time.More